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Tidying Tibble Fork with Paddleboarding

Jul 25, 2018 11:39AM ● By City Journals Staff

Paddleboard enthusiasts enjoying the Tibble Fork Reservoir. (Amy Green/City Journals)

By Amy Green  |

On July 12, a Tibble Fork cleanup project was hosted by Level 9 and 2nd Tracks Sports. 

Eddy Steele participated in the day of free hot dogs, food and no-cost paddleboard rentals in exchange for helping pick up trash from the shore and surrounding areas, courtesy of sports retailers. 

The companies hope to continue hosting outdoor clean-ups each month at different locations. You have to bring your own beer though, and pack up any wrappers or rubbish brought in.

Shawn Trost with Level 9 and 2nd Tracks Sports explained the event’s purpose saying, “It’s community outreach and cleaning up the lakes. We do it about once a month, and bring all our paddle boards out. People can take them out for free, to clean up the lake because … why not?” 

Causey Reservoir (northeast of Ogden) is another place they hosted a cleanup project. “The turnout up there is what inspired us to keep going again and schedule throughout the summer,” Trost said. 

Level 9 and 2nd Tracks Sports are both Utah-based companies, with a few locations, one at 2927 E. 3300 S. “We merged together about a year ago because we have very similar business models. Level 9 is really strong online (, and 2nd Tracks is really strong as a retail store. What we do that’s unique is closeouts. We do closeouts for other stores, as well as closeouts for manufacturers.” The two storefronts sell a variety of equipment types for year-round sports — paddleboards, bikes and snowboards. “The ski industry stuff loses a lot of value after its first year, just because the top sheet has changed,” Trost said. 

That means graphics on sports equipment is redesigned each season. Those who care for a good deal can get killer prices on past season graphics — and the shorelines get shined up, too. These projects are barely background noise to those who appreciate clean beaches, free paddleboards, complimentary fix-ins, a man-made beer cozy and some hearty Mother Nature love. 




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