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South Valley Journal

Meeting of Aquila Tax-Free Fund For Utah to Update on Local Economy and Investment Outlook

The Aquila Tax-Free Fund For Utah is holding its annual shareholder meeting in Salt Lake City on Thursday, October 12th to update attendees on Utah’s economy and investment outlook. Hear Utah portfolio manager JT Thompson give insights on Utah’s investment landscape, infrastructure and local municipal bond market. Lyle Hillyard, Utah state senator, will speak about the state and national economy. Learn about the Fund’s role in helping develop local communities and the state of Utah, while providing income exempt from both federal and state taxes to shareholders. Meet the people who oversee the Fund, including the portfolio manager, Board of Trustees and Aquila executives. Have the opportunity to speak with Trustees and management of the Fund on an informal basis, at the conclusion of formal remarks. The event will be free and open to the public & shareholders of the Aquila Tax-Free Fund For Utah.