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Our Infrastructure in Vulnerable. How Ready are You to Take Care of Your Family? Last week there was an earthquake in Alaska that triggered tsunami warnings for the west coast. We have experienced an unprecedented number of natural disasters in the past six months. In 2015, respected journalist Ted Kopple wrote a book describing how the US is vulnerable to cyberattack. Bottom line: WE ARE NOT IMMUNE! In the aftermath of a disaster, help may not be readily available. You must be ready to take care of your own and a good place to start is with drinking water. Join us for a FREE ONLINE CLASS that will update us on threats to our water supply and teach us long-term solutions. The class is taught by emergency water expert Glenn Meder. The Ultimate Water Prep Seminar Thursday, February 1 7 p.m. MST The class is free, but we ask that your register here: What You’ll Learn: The unseen threats to our water supply. The risk of not knowing how to treat water in an emergency. How to assess a water emergency. How to know exactly what to do—and what not to do—when your water is contaminated. You’ll Also Get a Free eBook! Water in an Emergency eBook is a simple, practical guide to water treatment after an emergency. It takes you beyond bottled water and shows you how to be prepared to produce your own safe drinking water for extended periods of time. You'll want to print it out and have it with your emergency supplies as a quick reference. Please put this important class on your calendar and tell your friends and family. We’re all safer when those around prepared as well. Register for this Free Class Now: